Monday 17 December 2012

DIY Human Centipede Bunting!

Ever wondered how Dr Heiter from the Human Centipede movie decorates his home at Christmas? Yes? Me too!
Although the Doctor is a master Surgeon by profession his real strength lies in the arts and crafts. Where his drawing skills may be lacking though, he, as you know is quite resourceful and very into DIY. So here we can unveil his latest creation just in time for the holiday season, Human Centipede Bunting! A festive addition to any fireplace or to hang ass-to-mouth across the living room as you open presents on Christmas morning.  
1. Download the design here! Print it out on to some heavy weight paper/card, you might want to check your printer guidelines but 210-280 gsm should be fine. Print out as many as you need for the length you desire. There are six 'humans' per page.
2. Cut out each 'human' around the black broken key line. As these will be hung it is probably not necessary to be terribly neat with the cutting out.
3. On each, use a small hole punch to make one hole in the mouth and one in the butt of the 'human'. Use the x's as guide for where to punch. If you don't have a small hole punch you can just leave it 'as is' for the moment. 

4. Once you have two 'humans' cut out you can begin pinning them together. Place the mouth hole of one over the top of the butt hole of another (so the face is visible). Push a paper fastener through the lined up holes and flair out the end once it is through. Repeat this step for as many 'humans' you wish to centipede. If you do not have a small hole punch you can probably just push the tack through the card or make a very small incision first which goes through both.
5. To hang, you have a few options. The cleanest would be to tie cord through the mouth and through the butt at each end and pin on the wall in place. Alternatively use a low tack masking tape or a washi tape and adhere to the wall. Bluetac would work too but it does tend to rip wall paper. 

Dr Heiter wishes you all a very merry Christmas. He unfortunately will be spending it alone in the lab but hopes to 'join' you soon.  


  1. i just saw the making of the south park human centipe episode. You are all crazy!!!!!! and awesome and CRAZY!!!!!