Sunday 16 December 2012

Free Printable Grumpy Cat Swag!

Firstly some house keeping if you're in New Zealand and you want a 2013 Seasons Eating Calendar you have until end of tomorrow to order. They will not be available at all past this point.

Anyway enough of the boring stuff, I know you're only here for some cool grumpy cat printables! Like my bookmarks these are totally free. The cards and tags are designed for grumpy cat fans (but come on who's not :). They are ideal for your less than enthused friends and family. Everyone knows someone who's not a big Christmas lover.... I'm looking at you Dad!
These printables are so simple they don't have any DIY instructions, apart from a couple of arrows built into the design. I would personally choose a nice matte paper around 210gsm-280gsm. The Christmas card is A6 (148mm-105mm) once folded and should fit a C6 envelope. You can download the card here...
As you can see from the picture above I used my much loved rounded corner punch on the grumpy cat tags. There is no need to worry about this unless you're feeling fancy. I tied them onto the gift using Devine twine, I bought mine from Tea Pea but I think Wanda Harland also has some. You can download the tags here...

A little side note that the design of this has ended up looking like my friend Evie Kemps work, it's not copied in anyway but there is a clear style cross over. She's been a sweetie and has OKed me posting this however if you like this design you should check out her shop for a lot more awesome cat, dogs and other fierce beasts:)


  1. I love these, only thing is there is no grumpy cat tags? grumpy cat is my spirit animal! super happy :D

    1. Hey just double checked the link and they are there, go to the 4rd paragraph and click on the last word 'here...' and that will link you to them:)

  2. I love those grumpy cat tags! It would be an amusing thing to receive on any occasion. Anyway, I think you can experiment with other specialty papers like linen board. It’s a good material to use for tags and small cards. Thanks for sharing!

    Faye Fowler @ Master Copy Print