Saturday 2 March 2013


I couldn't think what to title this post but I just wanted to write a little something about the experience I've just gone through. A week after Gosling gate things in my tiny world are getting back to normal. The past seven days have been full of highs and lows. On Monday our puppy dog Castro turned 3.
Photo by the handsome Scott Savage (he would let me use the photo unless I wrote that)
There was cake and singing and frisbee, basically all the things Castro loves. Luckily Castro loves people as well because just before this photo was taken we had the TVNZ news round filming me and the photographer and journalist from the Otago Daily Times. Monday was kind of an awful day before any of this happened I had committed to doing some regular freelance work as well as taking on some teaching and commission work through Dear Colleen. Basically I was and am already incredibly busy. Monday was spent sat at a desk trying to focus on setting type all the time my phone ringing and emails filling my inbox. I know I have missed more opportunities than I have grasped in regards to TV, Radio and Print within New Zealand but there is a limit to how much you can do within the 24 hours you have where the media is interested in you.

The Ryan Gosling film got featured in some amazing places, I don't know the full extent yet. Living in New Zealand and making the home page of Stuff was pretty amazing. As was the NZ herald feature. The piece of media coverage that thrilled me most though was getting a story on the Huffington Post.

It's bad saying this but right now I just feel a bit empty. I know it's shock and pressure and stress and that one day I'll look back and be 'oh wow that was a really cool thing that happened'. My partner Scott was talking to one of his very bright academic friends about this/me yesterday and they said something that seemed to hit the nail on the head 'that we often prepare for failure but not success'. I feel so paralyzed now by what I do next and ill equipped to handle the opportunity I have been handed.


  1. I think the past week has shown you that it doesn't really matter what you do following this week of unbelievable events, whatever you do will be the right thing. Your perspective and fab skills got you here in the first place and won't be deserting you anytime soon. Congratulations Colleen, you are amazing.

    1. That's a truely lovely thing to say thank you.

  2. Hi Colleen, firstly, wow what has happened in the last week for you is just amazing! Congratulations on where your fabulous work has taken you, I am sure you have put years of hard work and dedication in to your art. I'm sure you are most certainly not ill equipped to handle this opportunity; rather, it is probably just an overwhelming feeling when you stop and realise how far you can, and will, go! But regardless of this happening your work is fab. All the best for your busy ventures!

  3. Go Colleen! Love you work and now the rest of the world knows about it too ;)

  4. This is so freakin' awesome. 'That knucklehead'