Thursday 14 March 2013


It's been another fast couple of weeks for me. I'm still up to my eyeballs with work and I still haven't been able to take that much needed step back to process everything that's happened. I seem to be muddling through one way or another though. 

In between all the freelancing and teaching and packaging I've been planning out all the fun creative stuff that I'll be doing next. It might be a few weeks before I can really get my teeth into drawing and designing but I thought I would share some of the ideas/projects you can expect to be seeing in the coming months.

1. More Dishes. Firstly I'm already working on a James Bond one or actors who have played Bond would be a better description. I am also planning to do a small NZ release of a 'Gay dishes' in celebration/suport of marriage equality. I'm always really keen to hear other people thoughts so if you have any requests for hotties you would like just leave a comment below and I'll start taking note in my workbook.

2. This is a biggy. Plans are very much underway for a whole new business in partnership with my better half with a focus on custom pet art and products. Including work like the zines shown below.

3. A reprint of the 'skills to pay the bills' tote, only this time in a beautiful metallic ink. I'm doing test runs with my printer at the moment and it's looking sick. I'm only planning on doing a very limited run of between 10-20 so it'll be first come, first served.

4. Limited addition tees, which will only be available through pre-order. So if you think you might be interested make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. Buttons at the top of the side bar. Don't worry it's not going to be the design in the sketch below! I wanted to make the 'young, gifted and fat' tee for myself to wear well doing press but didn't get the time to make one. I figure no body apart from me would wear that slogan so no point doing a commercial print run.

5. The top secret item that I keep talking about but haven't had the money to produce. I nearly have the money! It's only been in my sketchbook for 13 years!

6. Ultimate Pirates zine. Sketches under way. Very silly hopefully other people will find it as funny as me.

7.  More teaching. Fingers crossed I'll be doing some extra work at the local collage but also I'm booked in to teach a class and give a lecture at this years Handmade in Te Papa Wellington. I'll write more fully about this once the programme it available to share. 

Sorry this is such a boring post. I just wanted to let you know that there's lots of new work on the way. Sadly being a one woman business everything takes a bit of time.


  1. Hooray! That is all super exciting :) I'm especially keen on a tote bag...

  2. I love your idea of a "Gay Dishes". I actually gave my gay cousin a "dishes I'd rather be doing" towel for Christmas a couple of years ago.

  3. Love the T-shirt, I would defo buy and wear one!! Ive booked in to see your lecture in Wellington, can't wait!! Looking forward to seeing all the above things come into fruition too :)