Tuesday 23 March 2010

oh dear...

...I’m so behind with my blog, I don’t even really have time to talk about all the exciting things going on. I’ve started work at Scooter and boy are they busy. Could it be that ‘busy’ is a virus going around Wellington this year, if it is I’ve caught it bad. Here are a few ‘sorrys- I know I’m a rubbish daughter, friend, person’. Dad I’m sorry I still owe you a poster (I’m timetabling in a hour to do it on Friday). All my friends and family in the UK, US and Canada, I’m so so behind with correspondence (all my really good friends will know how unhappy this makes me). Sweet Fletcher thank you for the email, Gilly and I are going to join forces and send you something nice in the post ASAP. Fiona I’m rubbish I didn’t manage to get a birthday card in the post, thank goodness I had already sorted a gift through polkadotmoon (necklace above). I hope you sort the perfect new outfit to wear it with. Congratulations on the new job as well, I’m proud of you girl – how would you feel about a trip to Paris once I make in back to our side of the world, it’s been to long.

I also wanted to share these cool cabinets with you, they are by a Wellington based furniture maker called Duncan Sargent. I spent a great many hours yesterday trying to amend his photos (I’m good with Photoshop but not that good). Thankfully he’s a lot better with wood than he is with a camera. I love all of his work but I have to have one of these guys.

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