Saturday 9 July 2011

Nailing it

I've been wanting to do a post about nails for a while now. I'm always collecting images of amazing nails to try and recreate (and occasionally I do when I'm feeling patient). Doing slightly more unusual nail designs is a bit easier and cheaper now thanks to a couple of tips I heard.
Firstly, Gem Fatale on her blog shows how using liquid eyeliner (just cheap stuff) works perfectly for nail art (better even than some actual stuff I bought).
Secondly, the lovely Leah Light shared a top trade secret that Jordana, the US brand stocked by most $2 shops is actually one of the best quality polishes around. I can vouch for that, I'm wearing it in orange now and it really is good stuff. It sure makes it a lot easier to change your nail colour as often (or more) than you change your sheets when you don't have to pay $20 - $30 per colour.
Finally, to do reverse french manicures or coloured ones you can buy a pack of French Manicure stickers (also from the $2 shop) but often it's easier to go slow and do it by eye. Practice makes perfect.
Nothing gets more comments than great nails.

Navy with gold reverse french
Nude/pink with gold glitter
Leopard nails tutorial
Reverse french tutorial
and the grand finale, Galaxy nails!
and a Galaxy nails tut here!
(not for the faint hearted).

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