Friday 29 July 2011

To wrap up...

Winter is here! Or so I'm told. While the rest of the country was making snowmen I was out in the Auckland sun sipping a trim latte (I lie it was raining and it was a flat white).
I reached in to my scarf drawer (don't judge) to be greeted by an old ladies scarf collection. Black, tan, navy, houndstooth (!) and burberry tartan (again, please withhold judgement). I've been busy preaching on this blog about colour and filling my wardrobe with clothes worthy of a skittles commercial. My scarves however look like they are from the time colour forgot (2007-2010?).
It was the beautiful scarf by Bonbi Forest chosen in our twitter mash-up last post that made me really, REALLY want a fabulous scarf (that and my cold neck). Of course, the best thing about scarves is that is totally reasonable to have a few/loads.
If you want to splurge there are some amazing scarves from independent designers, each one is a piece of wearable art and could be worn all year round just bundle up a couple in winter (or team with a plainer one).
As usual, feel free to leave links to your own favourites in the comments and wrap up warm!

Silk Shibori Scarf by Origei $58 (US), Theodora & Callum Ikat scarf $146, Bonbi Forest Equus Scarf, £23.50, milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre or charlotte linton (beautiful but priceless and probably way out of price range :-D), Yes, yes shawl (Zebras!) $23.99 (US)

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  1. Love the scarves! Any good Dunedin designers? I've recently had good luck at Acquisitions, Glassons (ugh) and the Warehouse (worse!!).