Thursday 14 July 2011

Your choice!

By Evie Kemp and a few others :) psst there's a pretty cool Evie Kemp give away here

Every week I put my own fashion choices here on this blog, this week was a bit different. We put a call out on twitter to send us links to things you're currently coveting, anything, no theme or instructions. It was a bit like a twitter version of that game where on a folded piece of paper each person draws a different body part without seeing the others to create a monster. In my mind, I though it would create a bit of a monster but I was wrong. Obviously I follow a lot of stylish people and the current trends for bright colours are having a strong influence. I love this mash up. I'm especially enamoured with the Bonbi Forest scarf and Orange wellies.

Remix cushion EUR 67.00, Moleskine $43, asos scallop shorts £30.00, ASOS Colour block shopper £65, ASOS tea dress £40, Hunter wellies (in festival orange) £85, Meadowlark Protea Ring $449, Friendship bracelets! Potentially free!, Bonbi Forest Big Cat scarf £23, Saben Summer 11/12 collection 'Colour Punch' available later this year from Wanda Harland, 'In the Wilds' Drawings by Nigel Peake $22.95 US

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  1. Oo - I love the Protea ring. I'm considering saving up for the byzantine one next.