Sunday 18 July 2010

frankly my dear (colleen)...

Frankie has to be the best Magazine name of all time, it's so easy to come up with puns for, a huge plus in my books as I fill my day trying to think of work play. I'm so far behind with my blog it hurts. I keep moving it to the bottom of my to do list, so I thought I would post a quickly just to get back on the horse and all that.
Well here it is my Frankie feature... feature is maybe too grand a word but whatever it should be called it's a huge honor to be in such a stella mag. My heart really did skip a beat when I finally got my hands on a copy. I was also greatly pleased to see Bree Dentice of Chasing Rabbit getting a well earned write up - We're maybe just maybe sharing a stand on Saturday at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair (would someone please tell me how that's come around so quickly).
Frankie didn't exactly research me well, they imply I'm a more established seller than I am - new line - I've be going 5 months this is my only line and I can't help thinking the typo was graphic design karma... no prizes for knowing spelling is not my strong suit (I'm not moaning honest I'm flattered they think I'm an old hand and the typo made me smile). Well I was down in Christchurch (more about that next post) I also got a mini mention on sfgirlbybay I love this blog so it was a great surprise to come home to. Now I just have two remaining dream place to be featured to complete my wish list, I sort of hope these wait a while as things are moving so fast at the moment and I would just like a minute to enjoy my business as it is.


  1. yay! congratulations on the feature!

  2. I bought this today! I think my friend will love it :)


  3. How exciting. Congrats! I've heard so many great things about Frankie but I can't get my hands on it in the States.