Thursday 8 July 2010

going away and giving away

First up I'm in Christchurch this weekend for A Craft Fair. What with getting a little write up in Frankie and a few blog features it's been a busy old time (I still have a day job remember but don't we all). I'm not moaning in fact I'm very happy I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've not have the time to build up to this show in the way I would have liked, luckily I did so much work for Craft2.0 that I'm covered. There are still one or two extras to look forward too. For starters I'm trying out some new medium sized prints at low introductory prices and I have 3 'storm in a tea cup mobiles' strung at long last. Because I'm taking a few days down south tomorrow is my last post and packaging day until Tuesday. This is only a one days delay so I'm not shutting up shop. My shop will be shut for a little while next month when I do my brand and stock relaunch, but I'll keep you updated about that here.
On to give aways, well I've have a lucky spell winning 3 prizes in the last month so I highly recommend entering online comps. I won a necklace from one of my favourite etsy artists spinthread, which in fact has never shown up:( I'm still living in hope. This fab bag (above) and white bow necklace from the amazing victoria n bird fellow foxes seller and all round nice girl. Finally a lovely pink bib for the twits to fight over from imba (there's a boys bib up for grabs on her blog now).
This brings me on to another chance to win some of my items. I get asked to do give aways on other peoples blogs a few times a week and have alway declined but when Connie contacted me through etsy I thought I would give it a shot. Connies blog is called Sogni e Sorrisi and as a seller I thought she seem like a good fit. Her blog looks good, she asked very nicely and didn't want money (I'm alway a bit shocked when I get asked to pay to be featured) but mostly I was blown away with her use of social networking to spread the word she really does a great job of putting work out there. You can enter the give away here until 14 July (it's a sailor themed give away the prizes are shown above). As a side note I would highly recommend this blog to other seller.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! Have entered the draw and have my fingers crossed :-) Good luck for A Craft Affair - have a great weekend!

  2. have got my entries in! I agree with you on entering blog comps - I have won quite a few this year. I hope your necklace turns up - if it's any consolation I'm still waiting for my apron from the apron swap that was end of May. Maybe it's just because it's coming from that side of the world??? Who knows - I know my parcel to her arrived in good time.

  3. Well done on your win!
    Sounds like you;re a busy beaver :-)

  4. what a clever little blog, glad I stopped to say hi!