Wednesday 28 July 2010

things that came in the post...

I'm miles and miles behind with my blog, but instead of worrying I thought I would just share some of the really lovely items that have come in the post over the last two days. Nothing like lovely parcels to put a smile on your face (well my face anyway:)
The necklace I won in Maranons twitter competition. Isn't it pretty and look at the lovely lace wrapping, I feel very lucky to have won this little treasure. Personally and don't all kill me at once, I'm getting a bit sick of bunting but some how her graphic style and sharp lines give this more of an aztec then village fair feel.
My 'Pugs not Drugs' totes from Gemma Correll, what can I say the girl has skills. The bag is lovely and came with the sweetest button badge and business card and in record time. can't wait to take this bad boy shopping.
Thank goodness my new Moo minis turned up today. I ran out 2 weeks ago and have been hopelessly lost without them. I'm loving the 'skills to pay the bills' one it's so dam cocky.
My Dear Colleen label also turned up it's a little weird seeing my name stitched like I'm a fashion designer or something. Now I need to get the website moving along... eek I'm not at all sure when I'm going to fit that in. I also wanted to share the lovely Hong Kong stamps.
Last of all in my mail box this morning loads of lovely Foxes business cards and stickers so I can make my Foxes goodies look lovely and professional. Foxes is now up and running and looks wicked.

I'll be back tomorrow with a some what nerve-racking post about my first ever charity project. I'm so scared that I have butterflies, I really want this to work. I'll be selling a tote bag to rise money for the Gulf Oil Spill fund and for the first time the logo I have designed will be available on flickr to down load so if anyone else wants to use it to rise money for the fund they can. It’s a free for all and I’m just trusting that people will do the right thing, I figure it can rise more money that way than I can alone.


  1. I lusted after the mini Moos for ages... but ended up getting a pack of their regular sized business cards a little while ago, with their free pack offer. So cute!

  2. I took up that offer as well and the big ones are great but as I send tubes the minis are just a better fit. I just love how cute they are as well.

  3. Is it weird that I want one of each of your mini Moos? They are freaking cute!

    I'm totally with you on the bunting. It became too trendy too fast, I think. But before you mentioned it, I saw the necklace as geometric triangles, and bunting didn't even cross my mind!

  4. Yeah too trendy too fast and then everywhere pretty much sums it up for me to :)

  5. oh wow. lost of great things :D i love the tote. & yay for supporting the gulf.

  6. Hey!
    I have posted about you before on my NZ design blog (It's called Fancy! and the address is: and today I did another post featuring all of your newer super-awesome work!

    I was wondering, will you be doing a Skills to Pay The Bills Wall print? I would REALLY like to buy one.

    If you are, could you leave a comment on my blog to let me know?