Thursday 1 July 2010

lots of lovely pictures

For the next little while my blog is going to be a little more image led. I’m slowly putting together plans for my photo shoot, which is beyond exciting. Expect a big post in a week or so sharing some of my ideas.

Well I finally got my Amy Blackwell print all the way from England. Anyone who talks to me on twitter will know that I’ve rather fallen for this shop. I so love Mr. Fox and he’s going to have a home above my desk.

From Mr Fox to the ongoing build up to the launch of Foxes. Well the cat of should I say fox is out the bag, so above is the first collection of Dear Colleen items available from the shop, along with my new ‘ooh la la’ rosette. I didn’t really plan them as a set but once I put them together I felt pretty pleased by how well they matched. here's to happy accidents.

I’m going to be selling with some very talented folks. Including 1. Bam Bam Creative, I’ve blogged about this necklace before and I am going to buy it some day soon. 2. Evie Kemp designer of very cool fabric and home wear. 3. Katy Did maker of awesome cards.

Fellow Wellington artists 4. Sarah McNeil and 5.Devon Smith, (I feel like a Kylie Minogue to their PJ Harvey, basically a lot less cool) and finally 6. The truly dark and brilliant Bree Dentice of chasing rabbit. As well as many many more which you can check out on Foxes blog.


  1. Oh I adore Amy Blackwell! I purchased 3 of her prints last month!

    I actually interviewed her for my blog a few months ago. She is really nice and quirky!

  2. You are so talented! Just came over from Sogni et Sorrisi, am happy to be your newest follower! XO!