Sunday 15 November 2009

no place like home!

On a bit of a low today mostly because I just over did it yesterday, so I’m really tired and couldn’t walk more than a mile without needing a sit down. I didn’t do half the things I planned and spent twice the amount of money that I wanted to. Everywhere I’ve been on the West Coast has had a real problem with down and outs and San Francisco is no different. I wish America would do more about their poor. It makes me feel so uneasy seeing Louis Vuitton shops selling $3,000 handbags when there are people hardly getting by on the streets. The homeless over here tend to be more in your face, hustling is just their way of life. It takes loads of energy to find the right words and get through the day without pissing anyone off, today I just didn’t have anything to give and I just wanted to curl up in bed and hind from the world. I shouldn’t moan I am very lucky, life as delt me a much better hand that it has them.

It was another beautiful hot day and I saw some amazing street art courtesy of I also saw a less than great show at the ybca recommended by a dreadlocked space cadet I shared the dorm with last night. She told me her name was Tiger Lily but I think her name was really Tracy or something else equally pedestrian.

OK I’m going to put on my pyjamas and listen to Adam and Joe. Tomorrow Gold Gate Park, China Town and Alcatraz.

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