Friday 13 November 2009

peace and love in portland

After a lot, well a bit of thought I did end up visiting Portland. I was worried it would be the same as Seattle and had thought about just flying down to Vegas. However I spent much longer in Canada than I had planned so it just made sense to do a small stop over and get to San Francisco for a relaxing last few days.

Portland is a cool city, it looks big as you head in as the buildings are so tall but once I started walking about it really didn’t take long to get from one end of the centre to the other. I stayed in a hippie hostel a little way out of town. It was full of Jesus sandals and mung beans. Some beardy fool kept me up half the night playing bad covers on his guitar, I so wanted to smash it over his greasy haired head. I now know for sure that I’m far too cynical to cut it as a hippie. I met my first properly properly crazy American there – “I heard a cat got killed at the docks last night, do you want to come and look for the body? I wish I had seen it die.” You have to say it in a Forest Gump accent to get the full affect. I didn’t going looking for the cat because we all know what coastally did! Instead I went to the Pearl district, which houses all the small galleries and boutiques. In New York I found a shop for Gilly in Portland I found a shop for Sally. It was a huge warehouse full of hand picked antiques and artefacts called Cargo, everything in there was very cool, quirky and best of all really reasonably priced. At one point I was walking around with about thirty things but soon realized I couldn’t afford the postage. Sally a couple of lighter surprises will soon be in the post.

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