Tuesday 10 November 2009

park life

I had the most perfect Saturday in Vancouver, the forecast was for rain but I got sun. I was up before anyone else in the hostel to help an Australian girl to the bus station as she had three of the biggest bags that I have ever seen. Vancouver at the moment is like little Australia as they are all over here to work the ski season at Whistler. I’ve seen inside a few of the girl’s bags and its all birth control and booze I get the feeling it’s just one long party. All the Aussies I’ve met have been very friendly but I do end up feeling like their Mum.

But I digress, back to my wonderful Saturday. I walked down to Stanley Park, which is maybe the biggest park I’ve ever been to. I started off in the Aquarium. The sea otters and beluga whales are by far the cutest, but I think my favourite feature was the Jellyfish somehow they are completely hypnotic. I’m not much of a photographer so I was really pleased with these pictures of them. The Aquarium has a 4D cinema so I saw my first (and as I enjoyed it so much second) 4D film. It’s basically a 3D film but your chair also moves and they spray you with water if a fish splashes or blow air if you’re watching a bird fly. It sound silly and I guess it is, but I really enjoyed it.

Once I had finish at the Aquarium I rented a bike for a couple of hours and cycled around the park, when I say it’s big it has three beeches, a working lighthouse and a small forest. It was the best bike ride of my life and one of the best afternoons. I’ll let the photo do the talking.

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