Saturday 14 November 2009

a walking holiday

Today I walked about sixteen miles, I knew I’d done a lot but not that. It was a lovely day I can’t believe how sunny and hot it is here. It’s very late and I’m really sleepy that’s what walking and fresh air does to you so I'm going to keep this short. Highlights; my first Hot Dog of the trip and I chose well Let’s be Frank make gourmet sausages visit their site if you have time the copy writing is spot on. I bough beautiful pistachio macaroons at the farmer market, wolfed them both down in under ten seconds. The farmers market was a great surprise in it’s self, was very lucky to happen upon it. A lovely arts and craft shop call Rose and Radish, I would have bought a lot in there if I had more money. I Sampled chocolate in a chocolate making factory. Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. Saw seals swimming in the bay and did a bit of shopping. All this on a day I had no plans. Tomorrow, China town I think and maybe some art in the afternoon, we’ll see. Now it’s time to sleep. Good night.

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