Tuesday 11 May 2010

introducing the vegan tiger

Having just posted a heavy some may say boring (shame on you:) blog I thought I would share a little crazy courtesy of New Zealand. At the moment you can mostly find me looking for second hand odds and ends to display my work in for photo shoots and craft fairs. Well today I spotted this fellow, I think he’s a tiger and I’ve concluded that he’s a hippie, vegan, grass smoking tiger as he’s wearing flip-flops and eating his greens.

I bought him, as the glass box he came in will be perfect for show casing my rosettes. I have to say after spending the day with the tiger I’ve rather fallen for him. Anyone have any ideas what I should name him? Was the tiger in the 'Life of Pi' call Richard?

And final just one more piece of crazy… New Zealand winter... Jumper, scarf and sun glasses. It’s to weird for my English brain to handle.

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