Sunday 23 May 2010

pass it on

I got an email this morning from Rebecca Marshall a student who follows me on facebook. She was just asking for five minutes to help her with a project. When I was studying I was forever trying to get people to help me with this sort of thing so I really understand what an uphill struggle it can be.

CAN YOU HELP? Here's the brief: The theme is "because we are all different and need different things"... and she needs participants to write anything they want, on anything they like (on the above theme). then scan or photograph it and email it to her by hum, sorry tuesday.

Here's what I did and it really has only take five minutes (well maybe fifteen). Contact me and I'll pass on her email. Thanks Colleen, a firm believer in social networking karma.

Ok I'm off to wash the pen off this mug before my boss gets in... oops.
Little update, my friend Gilly (the friend in my about blurb) just took this picture of the twits what a good answer to the brief, really proud she squeezed this in being a busy mother of two.


  1. Hi Colleen! I'd love to partake. I just happen to have something that I think would totally fit. Could you email me the contact details? thanks!!

  2. Hi Colleen - nice to meet you the other night. I've posted on this also: Could you send me an email with Rebecca's contact details? Thanks,

  3. Hi Colleen, Good on you for posting this for Rebecca. I love the responses and sent one too. Love your blog and work. cheers, Deidre