Thursday 20 May 2010

my ponoko order stinks...literally

I opened the packaging and it smelt like a rat had died and then been set on fire (with a laser).

Apart form the smell I have to say I'm really impressed, it's the first order I've placed with them and it's turned out better than I'd hoped. If you're a maker and you haven't heard of Ponoko go check out their site they'll help you make your ideas a reality.

I'm very lucky as I live in Wellington and they are just round the corner from my work so no waiting on post, it only took seven days from placing the order to picking it up. For such a super modern internet business the office was a bit of a shock... it looks a bit like a seventies smoking lounge (in a good way of course).
Anyway here's the finished article. I need to sand it, enamel the rain drops, string it and take some great photos so should be really to list in lets say about two weeks. I only have nine so I'm sort of hoping they don't sell too quickly... is that wrong?


  1. I heart Ponoko. I use them to make the bases for some of my pendants.

    Yeah, they really stink eh? It's such an odd smell. Luckily it wears off pretty quickly though.

    What material/wood did you use?

    Emma :)

  2. Oh bamboo and yes you're right the smell is going now:) have more work coming in ply as I've heard bam boos not great for smaller details same as bamboo's much more eco.

  3. psst... if you want them to not sell out too quickly, you can try raising the price a tiny bit. :)