Sunday 30 May 2010


My Moo cards have landed and I'm very happy with them. It was like Christmas in the office on Friday when I opened the package. Putting a group of graphic designers around stationary is a little, no scratch that, a lot like broody women at a christening oohs and aahs flying left right and centre.
So here's a little peek of what you get in a Moo package. I ordered, regular business cards, mini statement cards and sticker books. I like the bright little statements cards best (above centre). My favourite added extra was the personalised luggage tag, it's now pinned up by my desk. I also loved the beautiful boxes the cards come in. The last surprise I found was the little cartoon below in the hing of the sticker book, I just love their attention to detail.The only small downside was that I uploaded my images from Etsy and because they are low-res files the quality of the images isn't quite what it could be. Next order I'll set up from artwork.


  1. Amazing. I can see why you are excited. I have loaded my cart at moo a couple of times but just not followed through. Me thinks it would be a good idea......

    Nice one

  2. oh wow. they are really adorable! :D