Thursday 4 November 2010

dressing for success in the handmade market...

I'm having a bit of a break this week (and by break I mean catching up on paperwork- yuck), anyway that's why it's been so quiet on the blog front. I'm hoping to write a quick round up about Craft2.0 tomorrow and be back into the swing of thinks more fully next week. In the meantime I'll let Evie do the talking today. Inspired by my recent outing at Craft2.0 this fashion friday is all about dressing to represten your business and yourself. I really love this as an idea for an article and I'm hoping we can follow up with a part 2, so if you have a story and hopefully a couple of photos to share about the way you like to dress for your 'art, design or craft' business then please drop Evie a line

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