Thursday 18 November 2010

a fashionably handmade christmas...

If nothing else, Christmas is an opportunity to relax and indulge yourself and those you love. As adults we can (for the most part) choose the way we want our own Christmas to be whether that means embracing the traditions of your childhood or banishing them to the back of your memory and starting afresh. Christmas means different things to each of us, but at the very least it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your hardwork, eat well and spend time with good friends and loved ones.

I wanted to put together a little fashion gift guide of handmade and designed items, leaving the chain stores out of it. Clothing is often an under-rated and/or badly chosen gift but it doesn't have to be. If you think you know a person and their style, don't be afraid to try and find something new for them. If sizing is what bothers you accessories are things that can be beautifully crafted and can make a really special gift. So long as you keep in mind the recipients style rather than your own you should be fine.

Of course no one says that you can't treat yourself at Christmas, so these selections are more than a bit self-indulgent (I'm definitely going to treat myself to those gold flats). Enjoy and feel free to share any handmade fashion and accessories you have bought for gifts or would like to receive! Remember to order really soon if you're buying from overseas too.

Picture 1.

Clockwise from top left: 1. Victoria n Bird striped peter pan collar dress $77, 2. Lolo and Lulu leather bow $22, 3. Emma lucie lace bow sweater $155(NZ), 4. In my neck of the woods Gravity necklace $17, 5. Aforfebre 2 sterling silver initial rings $38, 6. Extraseed satin eco flats $38, 7. Stash small camera bag $115, 8. Dear Colleen hello sailor rosette $15.90

Picture 2.

Clockwise from top left: 1.Thief and Bandit patterns forever braided bracelet $16, 2. Mary Ink dearie pullover $40, 3. Freedom creative japanese fabric brooch $15(NZ), 4. Neneee indian summer dress $98, 5. Miju and You arrow ring $24, 6. Miju and You arise walnut necklace $36, 7. Golden Ponies gold oxford flats (more colours available) $38


  1. Thanks for including my brooch in such an awesome selection of goodies! I just bought a necklace from In My Neck Of The Woods (for myself from my Aunty for Christmas) and it is SO cool!
    Emma :)

  2. saw an RT for your blog on twitter and i'm loving it ;) following with great pleasure ;)

  3. no worries Emma - it was Evie's choice but no secrets that I'm loving your fabric line - sorry it's so tricky to make

    and hello Daria thanks for the follow always lovely to see some new faces on here:)

  4. That Neneee dress is great. Both dresses are, actually.

  5. go dress! oh I totally love the arrow ring, been looking to buy myself a ring, it might be the winner!

  6. adorable collections. i love everything about the last one.

  7. im loving picture 2! saw this on another blog and i had to jump over and visit! i'm crushing over the plaited bracelet! visiting the store right after!

    thank you for sharing, i am your new follower! don't want to miss out on anything more! hehe

    come stop by for a visit or follow too,

    x Your Only Blackswan

  8. I want those gold shoes! uurrrrrgggghhhh