Thursday 25 November 2010

say it at Christmas...

I'm on a bit of a power trip this week after using last weeks gift guide to push a couple of people in to some cute purchases so I thought I'd do a Round 2.

This week i've focussed on statement gifts. These are the the bold, in your face, unforgettable pieces which really say something about you or the person you're gifting it too. All are things that are sure to get lots of comments so you can be sure you'll never be forgotten as the wonderful friend you are. Some are quite literally a statement, others just make a visual statement. They're fun and loud, just make sure as always to keep you recipient in mind when you're choosing and be nice - My absolute favourite has to be that specs jumper. What's yours?

All prices are in US$ unless otherwise stated.

1. Neivz by Steven Shein grow up necklace £30 2. Whistles intarsia spectacles jumper £95 3. CAST supernova leggings $31 4.Whistles intarsia bulldog jumper £95 5. Dear Colleen skills tote $12 6.Tovicorrie leather iphone case $38 7.In the library perfume absolute 15 ml $65 8. Canny Belle hello goodbye earrings $4.86 9. NoFormDesign ring ring $50 10. R.W Scissors knits badges $10NZ 11. Silly Buddy colorful cubes dog collar $27. 12. Melbell aargh barrette $6 13. Plastique avant garde necklace $20 14. paperwhite studio love you more t-shirt $20 15. ASOS frosted sunglasses £10 16. Timex 80 pink taffy watch £50

Fashion Friday by Evie Kemp


  1. Ok you just have to click the images to see the goodies nice and big, blogspot can be mean like that:(

    I think 1. Neivz necklace may well be in my Christmas stocking this year - I do love it and like the thought of wearing it to grown up big real world job meetings :-)

  2. I love the "i love you more than personal space" tee!

  3. yeah love that tee as well, so cool - although anyone who knows me will will tell you it needs to read 'I love personal space more than you'. Only child syndrome:)

  4. Haha yes I was about to say I love that t-shirt but couldn't wear it because I love personal space. I'll call that too many siblings syndrome.
    I love everything on this list, partly because I chose them but also because it's not my usual style but it all is such cool stuff.
    I really want to try that In the Library perfume, I was thinking of getting the room spray for my Dad, he's an old book addict.
    I'd love to get the I've got knits badges for my sister and then everything else for me :-D

  5. Those earrings are rad! There's quite a fact, ALOT of things in their Etsy store ive added to my favs - thanks for linking to them! :):)

    - Krystal xo