Thursday 11 November 2010

in the paper...

I had a different post written for today but then carrying on from gratuitous Rob Ryan loveliness (below) I was directed to the Rob Ryan wedding dress. How have I never seen this before? It makes me want to get married… but to a paper groom.

The idea of a paper dress is an adorable concept that to me really signifies that link between the graphic and the fashion designer. Paper is so important to a designer and I personally think paper is just the most perfect material there is. (If you're having doubts about paper then you must check out the blog Upon a Fold). In another post I want to address more the connections and crossovers between these two design disciplines but for now I'm just going to share a few of my own favourite paper looks.

Theres not really much to say about paper dresses. They're just incredibly fun to look at. However something that should be taken from them is that if you can make a gown from toilet paper you can't blame your materials as an excuse for a shoddy design. (The pink and white designs above are all made from toilet paper... wow)

Speaking as someone who this year has made a paper dress I say everyone should relax, grab some newspaper and a stapler and go wild. Call it art therapy, real life Project Runway or just some crazy time. Paper is lovely and so is Haute Couture. Oh and of course a paper outfit wouldn't be complete without the paper shoes.

By Evie Kemp

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